About Me

I am a UX researcher and a Designer currently working at The Design Lab headed by Don Norman (in collaboration with SAP and IBM) on an executive education program for the Center for Design Driven Transformation.

I also graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction and Design at University of California, San Diego. 

During my graduate degree, I worked as a Design Researcher on multiple projects in the field of Healthcare (with UC School of Medicine), Education research (SAP - Design Lab Joint project), and HCI Research (With Scott Klemmer and Steven Dow at UC San Diego)

Prior to grad school, I worked in industry for almost 2 years as a designer + engineer on a new enterprise product for a Fortune 500 client (under NDA).


Here are few organizations that I follow and have been a part of in the past 2 years :

  • San Diego Experience Design (SDXD)
  • UX Speakeasy
  • Design Forward Alliance 
  • Designer's Guild (FB)
  • Design@UCSD.
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How do I work ? (My Design Process ?)

My design process is quite iterative, user-centric and highly interdisciplinary by nature. Through grad school, my emphasis has focused a lot on quantitative and qualitative research

I keep learning and iterating my process and style of work and it varies highly based on every project I work on. However, here are few points that I always try to keep in mind (subject to change with more experience :D) :

  1. Never make assumptions even if it’s very obvious (because it probably isn’t). Always validate and test your findings with real users.
  2. Focus on the whole system surrounding the problem by assessing its individual, social and cultural impacts.
  3. Try exploring every "stakeholder" journey to identify the core problem space.
  4. Design an “experience” rather than a product, service or an interface.
  5. Business goals and objectives are equal pillars to user needs in the design blueprint.
  6. Get feedback as early as possible from all affected stakeholders (developers, designers, users, PMs)


In addition to being a designer, I love to explore places and click pictures of landscapes and wildlife. In my free time, I also game quite often and I try to follow football (soccer) whenever possible.

The Design Lab, UC San Diego Team (Thinking, Observing and Making)

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