About Me

Hi. I am Rahul, a User Experience Researcher and Designer who is quite passionate about the integration of art, design and technology and loves making interesting, well-thought out user-centered products and interfaces.

I am really passionate about working in inter-disciplinary projects related to healthcare, education and entertainment. Few topics that really piques my interests in HCI includes Usability Evaluation, Ubiquitous computing, Information Architecture, UX Focused Game Design and Research and Data Visualization.

In addition to being a designer, I love to explore places and click pictures of landscapes and wildlife. In my free time, I also game quite often and I try to follow football (soccer) whenever possible.

Currently I am working in The Design Lab at UC San Diego headed by Don Norman and Michele Morris (advisor) on a project to scale design thinking into higher education in collaboration with SAP Research.

The Design Lab, UC San Diego Team (Thinking, Observing and Making)

Below are few people/blog posts/videos that I follow quite often and would like to share with my viewers.