Relevant Projects - Scaling Design Thinking into Higher Education

SAP and The Design Lab, UC SAN diego - Summer 2016

Research project in collaboration with UC San Diego students, professors and industry researchers from SAP Research where we are aiming to introduce design-doing mindset into the higher education experience in the United States.

Fixate - Productivity Application for Students

Human Computer Interaction - UC San Diego 2016

Designed a productivity app for students inspired by the Pomodoro time management technique that incorporated timers, reports and data visualization to keep track of progress. Performed user research, need finding, heuristic evaluation, usability and A/B testing along with creating storyboards, wireframes and HTML working prototypes.

Redesign of University of Alaska Anchorage Website

Usability & Information Architecture - UC SAN DIEGO, 2015

Redesigned the University of Alaska Anchorage website based on conducted various HCI methods such as user research, need gathering, user type classification, heuristic evaluation and competitive analysis that were aided by personas, use case and tally tables, wireframes and other UX deliverables.




Information Visualization - Side Project, 2017

DotaViz is a side project that I did along with my friends in the HCI group at UC San Diego. It an in-game visualization for a popular real time strategy game called Dota 2 that aims to reduce cognitive effort for novice gamers and aid in better reactions towards the gameplay

'TapTrak' - A Spinal Tap Training Assistant

Human Computer Interaction for Healthcare, UC San Diego, Mar 2017 (In Progress)

TapTrak is a modular 3D Spinal Tap Training system which can be used to help future and current physicians (surgeons) in training construct a mental model of the Spinal Tap (also known as Lumbar Puncture) procedure by using customizable training modules and real-time feedback based on needle tracking. 

Synth Music App : Mobile Playlist Management

Information Architecture - UC SAN DIEGO, 2016

Designed a music app prototype to let users construct and manage playlist effortlessly through efficient information architecture. We conducted user-centered research through interviews, participant observations and competitive user-scenario analysis. Also carried out extensive competitive analysis of existing music applications to gather information and utilized these research findings for the final design.

'Mirror' - Phantom Limb Pain Therapy using Microsoft Kinect V2

UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING for Healthcare - UC SAN DIEGO, 2015 (Page will soon BE ACCESSIBLE)

Designed and Developed an Augmented Reality application using the Microsoft Kinect (V2) on the Mirror Box therapy technique, researched by Dr. V.S Ramachandran at the ‘UCSD Center for Brain and Cognition’ for patients suffering from Phantom Limb Pain Syndrome.