Hi, Thanks for visiting my portfolio. Here are few things to know/consider before you delve into my case-studies/projects.

Short Excerpt about my experience 

I have almost 4 years of industry + academic research experience in UX with a graduate degree with HCI specialization from UC San Diego and a background in computer science. Before coming to grad school, i worked for around 2 years on redesign of enterprise product (under NDA, not on portfolio).

However, I have done range of projects in healthcare, education, mobile app design, I also worked for almost 2 years on designing an enterprise product before grad school (work under NDA, hence not on portfolio).

Design Process

My design process varies quite a lot based on the requirements and constraints of project. However, it’s highly iterative and user-centric and here are few points that I try to keep in mind while working on projects.

  1. Never make assumptions even if it’s very obvious to you (because it probably isn’t). I always try to validate and test my findings. (Research should be the key in every stage of the process)
  2. Focus and delve really deep on the right problem first so you can. Try to question everything by asking the right questions and find patterns through exploring the journey.
  3. Design “experiences” (individual, social and cultural) rather than an interface, service or a product. Focus on the whole system surrounding the experience(/problem) and understand its impact (individual, social and cultural).
  4. Despite being user-centric, Business objectives/goals and constraints needs to be as important as user objectives.
  5. Get feedback and learn from every stakeholder possible (hence try to be in an interdisciplinary teams)